Can WPC wall Panels be used outdoors ?

WPC itself is a material with superior performance, even if it is not perishable, it is also less than many wood products.composite wall panels are an increasingly popular way to decorate buildings.composite wall panels not only have the advantages of wood wall panels but also many benefits of Plastic wall panel.

WPC materials for cleaning and maintenance requirements are not high,It can be maintained once a year. And some people will ask: Wood-plastic materials contain plastic, will there be formaldehyde is not environmentally friendly? In fact, this is not the case, our wood-plastic products are formaldehyde free, environmental protection. Even if it is used indoors, do not worry about it, let alone in such a ventilated place as outdoors.

The service life of wood-plastic board can generally be as high as 10 years to 20 years or so, but also has the advantages of skid resistance, wear resistance, anti-cracking, aging resistance, and wpc wall cladding can also withstand 60 degrees of high temperature and negative 40 degrees of low temperature, in addition, wood-plastic wall board is a renewable material.It can be seen from these that WPC wall panels are suitable for outdoor applications.

The raw materials of WPC are wood, plastic and additives, which are mixed evenly and then heated and extruded by mold equipment and made of high-tech green new decorative materials.

It has the properties and characteristics of wood and plastic, and is a new composite material that can replace wood and plastic.It can be made of hollow, solid wall panels through molds, and there are many colors to choose from, which can make WPC better displayed outdoors.

WPC wall cladding will not rot, crumble or crack even if it is exposed to sunlight outdoors. In addition, WPC wall Cladding also has UV resistance and is maintenance-free.Wood-plastic wall panel can be cleaned and maintained without additional paint dyeing, usually we only need to use: soft brush, water, soap and broom. Use a broom to remove dust and debris from wall cladding, then clean with soapy water and a soft brush, and finally clean with water to restore your WPC wall to its appearance.

For the installation of wood-plastic WALL CLadding, the keel needs to be installed first, fixed using expansion tube, and the overall leveling is required. The wood-plastic keel is installed on the wall, and the expansion tube is maintained between 5 and 6cm, requiring the surface of the wood-plastic keel to be higher than the nail cap of the screw.

Step Two 
Fix the start clip and Fixing screws

Step Three 
Continue as above instruction, one by one to finish the whole cladding’s installation.

Step Four
Install the L corner and fix by screws

There are a lot of different colors and surface available for WPC panels. For the plain panel, we offer pure color series (10 colors) and wood grain series ( 15 surfaces ). For the coating panel, there are more than 50 shapes for your reference!Usually we keep 1000 meters as MOQ for ceiling, and 200 sqm as MOQ for WPC wall panels.



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